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  • Slurry Dredging Services

    Slurry Dredging Services is leading dredging and marine company in South Africa. they are highly experienced in all facets of marine and dredging activity, and land reclamation from the sea; waterways channeling and deepening. They have done projects in South Africa, Namibia, and Democratic Republic of Congo and in Sierra Leone. We (Basilman & Co. Nigeria Ltd.) are currently partnering with Slurry Dredging Services to fully achieve and to deliver the best of the dredging services in Nigeria and in Africa. We both posses a massive wealth of experience in the industry, thus creating a better delivery system.

  • Cordage Industrial Rope

    Cordage Industrial Rope is a privately owned rope manufacturer based in Malaysia and serving customers worldwide. Primarily involved in the manufacture of braided, twisted, plaited ropes the company also manufactures elastic ropes, tow ropes, rope products, nets, tubular braids and webbings. Basilman & Co. Nigeria Limited is the Nigerian sole agent disributor for the company here in Nigeria.

    • Flint Industries

       Flints is an American based company. They provide global environmental solutions. They    provide coastal structures and dewatering containers. They have completed lots of coastal  structure and dewatering container projects using geotextile tubes. We are currently  partnering with them to deliver some of our projects here in Nigeria and beyond the boarders  of the country.