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  • Our Policies

    It is BASILMAN & CO NIG LTD policy that all activities shall be planned and executed in a manner that:

    • Preserves the health, safety and security of all staff and contractor's staff personnel, and members of the public.
    • Preserves the integrity and security of company assets
    • Minimizes the impact of operations on the environment and
    • Is sensitive to the needs of the host communities.
    Implications of implementing this policy are that: All activities shall be analyzed to systematically identify related hazards risks and sensitivities. Arrangements shall be put in place to systematically identify related hazards risks and sensitivities and to deal with consequences should they arise. Any activity which is unhealthy, unsafe, environment unsound or may adversely impact relations with the community shall be suspended until an acceptable solution is found. All personnel, including those of contractors, shall be trained and made fully aware of the hazards, risks and sensitivities, and control in place. Plans and procedures shall be in place to response to any emergency or loss of control. Every employee and contractor employee and perform his work in accordance with this policy. Each employee is required to report, and where necessary suspend, any activity, which he considers, is in contravention of this policy.
  • Health Policy

    It is BASILMAN & CO NIG LTD policy that all activities shall be planned and executed in a manner that preserves the health of all staff and contractor staff personnel. Implications of implementing this policy are: The health of all employees shall be monitored on a regular basis. Analysis of all accident and sickness incidents shall be routinely performed to identify harmful operational practices and the necessary corrective action implemented. All workplaces, accommodation and catering services areas, on company transport and in public areas, corridors, meeting rooms and shared offices, unless otherwise agreed by the occupants of such offices, is prohibited. The consumption of alcohol and drugs on company premises and during hours of employment is prohibited. Employees and Contractor staff under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst on duty shall be disciplined. The company recognizes the threat to personnel from HIV and AIDS and in an effort to minimize its occurrence shall conduct seminars to improve the general awareness of staff and dependents. Ensure that all blood products used are fully tested. Offer support and counseling to staff that are HIV positive and /or develop AIDS Not discriminate against HIV/AIDS suffers regarding terms and conditions of employment.

    • Environmental Policy

      it is BASILMAN & CO NIG LTD policy that all new activities shall be planned and executed in such a manner so as to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment. The implications of the policy are: The environmental impact of all new activities or developments shall be thoroughly evacuated and the necessary preventive measures implemented. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) shall be carried out for each new project or activities. An Environmental Evacuation Report (EER) shall be produced where significant changes are made to an existing asset. The environmental impact of each operation shall be routinely monitored and corrective action taken as necessary. All practical and reasonable measures shall be taken to minimize the generation of waste and to manage and dispose of unavoidable waste in an environmentally acceptable manner. Waste management plans shall catalogue waste identification, qualification and appropriate disposal methods. Waste stream shall be monitored and recorded and efforts taken to progressively reduce emission or discharge of waste known to have negative impact on the environment with the eventual aim of eliminating them. Waste records shall cover the full life cycle of each stream and shall provide an audible trail as to its management and disposal. Past polluted sites shall be investigated and practical and efficient measures put in places to rehabilitate them. Chemicals shall only be used where operationally necessary. In selecting chemical for use, the HSE aspects shall be considered together with commercial and process performance attributes with the aim of choosing the least harmful. All chemicals shall be covered with Safe Handling of Chemicals (SHOC) cards, and shall be acquired, transported, used and disposed of in compliant with DPR, FEPA and BASILMAN & CO NIG LTD regulations

    • Security Policy

      It is BASILMAN & CO NIG LTD policy to identify evaluate and manage the risk to personnel, property and information, arising from crime, civil disorder, terrorism and acts of war, in order to minimize their impact on the business. Implication of this policy are: • Security risks shall be identified and documented for all key activities. • Security plans shall be developed in construction with the company's security. • Advisers describing the security arrangements and how they are to be managed. Staff shall be responsible for arranging and managing their own security in accordance with the rules of engagements as issued by SEC..